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Tutorial 16. Modeling Surface Chemistry Introduction

In chemically reacting laminar flows, such as those encountered in chemical vapor deposi- tion (CVD) applications, accurate modeling of time-dependent hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer, and chemical reactions (including wall surface reactions) is important.

In this tutorial, surface reactions are considered. Modeling the reactions taking place at gas-solid interfaces is complex and involves several elementary physico-chemical processes like adsorption of gas-phase species on the surface, chemical reactions occurring on the surface, and desorption of gases from the surface back to the gas phase.

This tutorial demonstrates how to do the following:

• Create new materials and set the mixture properties.

• Model surface reactions involving site species.

• Enable physical models and define boundary conditions for a chemically reacting laminar flow involving wall surface reactions.

• Calculate the deposition solution using the pressure-based solver.

• Examine the flow results using graphics.


This tutorial is written with the assumption that you have completed Tutorial 1, and that you are familiar with the ANSYS FLUENT navigation pane and menu structure. Some steps in the setup and solution procedure will not be shown explicitly.

Before beginning with this tutorial, see Chapter 15 in the separate User’s Guide for more information about species transport, chemically reacting flows, wall surface reaction modeling, and chemical vapor deposition. In particular, you should be familiar with the Arrhenius rate equation, as this equation is used for the surface reactions modeled in this tutorial.

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