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Mr. Badami M. C.

Dr. Holla K. S.

Dr. Padgaonkar S. V. Mr. Sakhavalkar J. A. Ms. Swati Deodhar Singh

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PFNDAI Bulletin March 2005


• Caneberries - An Important Food in a Healthy Diet

• Fantastic Flax

• Soy Protein Applications • Herbs

• Microencapsulation of

Omega-3 oils

• Nutrition & Health • In the News

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From The Executive Director’s Desk

Recently, there was a notification from Food & Drug Administration of Maharashtra regarding dietary supplements. The FDA felt that since there is no provision for such products in PFA, these can not be produced and marketed under the provisions of PFA. They then must be registered as drugs and must conform to those standards. This created a lot of confusion in some section of the industry involved in producing nutritional foods and supplements. Later on, however, with the intervention of some associations, this particular difficulty was resolved.

This raises two points. One is obvious, that is, there should be guidelines in PFA regarding dietary supplements. It was high time some such efforts were forthcoming from the lawmakers so there would be clear directions for the manufactures and suppliers regarding these products. There are many products which have been in market produced by reputed companies and have been used beneficially by large sections of people of all ages in India. There should not be any undue problems created in their commercial activities due to no fault of theirs. However, there is another peculiar creature of commerce which are appeared in Indian market and this needed to be controlled by some regulations.

Everyone has seen blatant advertisements of many products from exotic sources which are claimed to have fantastic properties which will help you lose fat, weight, cholesterol and what not in matter of days or in some cases even hours. Some can give you desirable attributes of complexion, skin, hair, sight, memory, etc. A horde of these products have made appearance in the market but most of them only available on TV shops. Such products needed some control and verification or validation as they could very easily fool the gullible consumers who are looking for such miracle cures for many of their ills.

FDA was probably targeting these products but unfortunately, many bona-fide products came into predicament. Our enforcers need a vision to see the difference and act accordingly. This problem is not going to stop at this and there is another dimension involved. Many of the wonder-drugs are from medicinal plants and there is a genuine down-side to this also. Indian scientists and entrepreneurs have realised the potential of Indian medicinal plants for their curative properties and phytochemicals. This segment has tremendous scope not only for domestic but international market.

Many studies have shown (both from our ancient literature as well as studies carried out afresh) that many of the plants could be commercially exploited and a new range of nutraceuticals and medicines can be derived from them. Many will be not only cheaper compared to modern healthcare products but at times may be safer and more importantly will give Indian industry an edge over others. This necessitates that we formulate necessary guidelines for their manufacture and applications, so not only they will be developed under ideal environmental conditions but the environment would not be polluted by fraudulent products which will create suspicion among consumer about plant products. Government must make haste in this direction.

In this issue of bulletin, we have given articles on protein products, sports nutrition, energy products, etc. along with an interesting article on Caneberry. We welcome several new members including Ruchi Soya, Dabur, Fine Organic and Mukta Consultancy. We hope to see all of you in the Annual General Meeting on June 11. We have planned a small seminar along with it, which we hope you enjoy.

- Dr. J. S. Pai, Executive Director (email:

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