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For over 30 years the Center for Crops Utilization Research has been committed to increasing the utilization of corn, soybeans and other crops and creating new agricultural enterprises by developing advanced technologies and high-value products.

Over 35,000 square feet of pilot plant processing and support space is available for wet processing, dry processing, fermentation and product recovery, industrial product development, food preparation, and consumer and sensory testing. CCUR can provide you with innovative research solutions for developing new crop-derived technologies and products in an industry-friendly setting.


» Wet milling, grinding, mixing, centrifugation, spray drying, ltration, cold and dry storage

» Drymillingandseparation,cooking,extrusion

» Filmandsheetextrusion,compressionand

injection molding, tray drying, food extrusion

» Fermentation and process development

» Analytical services for grain composition and quality, carbohydrate chemistry, protein and vegetable oil characterization

» Consumer evaluation services

» Technical consulting services

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