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Resources for Learning and Research







2014-15 General Catalog

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University Library

The handsome Science and Engineering and recently renovated McHenry libraries house the impressive holdings of UCSC’s University Library—the largest library collection between Santa Barbara and San José. In nearly five decades, the collection has grown from a few shelves of books and a substantial dependence on the libraries of UC Berkeley to more than 2.2 million volumes, over 56,000 periodical titles (including online journals), in excess of 39,000 microforms, and more than 406,000 non-print items including films, slides, and audio and video recordings.

As part of the statewide University of California library system, the University Library also serves as a gateway to millions of other books and periodicals. The library’s efficient Interlibrary Loan service is heavily used, facilitated by the online request service of the systemwide Melvyl® Catalog.

The University Library collection is divided into two parts. Resources in the humanities, arts, and social sciences are contained in McHenry Library at the heart of the campus, while the engineering, mathematics, and natural sciences collections are housed in the award-

winning Science and Engineering Library, conveniently located on “Science Hill.”

Collections librarians manage the growth and development of UCSC’s collection and provide in-depth research assistance.

Most of the holdings of the University Library are shelved in open stacks. Students and faculty are encouraged to help themselves, using information found via the local Cruzcat online library catalog, the Melvyl Catalog, and the library web site. The library home page provides a convenient gateway to the Cruzcat and Melvyl catalogs, the California Digital Library, and a host of other electronic information resources, such as article databases and online journals. The library staff is also eager to offer its assistance at any of several service points.

At the McHenry Library reference desk as well as by e-mail and appointment, librarians and reference specialists give individual guidance: general orientation for the newcomer and specialized help for the researcher. They assist in the use of a wide range of resources—in

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