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Proteaf Technologies

Spinning Disc Reactors(SDR’s) combine the heat transfer advantages of microreactors with the dynamic mixing associated with high shear mxiers. By utilzing the properties of angular momentum, a rotating disc is positioned in close proximity(as small as 50 uM) to a stator where it may reach very high rates of speed (up to 10,000 RPM) as reagents are introduced for mixing. Depending on the design, thin films may be introduced as a piped in feed, or by using much more sophisticated means of cross-shearing. Energy transfer in these reactors can be as much as 100 X that of micro other reactor technologies.

The Kinetichem SynthetronTM is a lab scale, single disk rotor- stator spinning disk reactor capable not only of rapidly scaling high heat processes to Kg/hr safely, but also providing the foundation to

scaling into the multi-ton capable SDR’s. The patented variable gap size allows for reaction channel heights as little as 50 μM but as wide as 2.5 inches with complete radial flow. What that means is, the reactor allows heat transfer the surface to area of a super small microreactor--but at flow rates comparable to that of a very short pipe turbulent reactor. With one profound difference--the disk spinning atop the

stator is rotating at almost 10,000 rpm creating a dynamic mixing environment unlike any other reactor.

The short path of this reactor makes it ideal for processes where viscosity pressure drop presents a challenge in other reactors. These include polymerizations, reactions where one material is viscous and the other is not, phase transfer reactions, and many others.

Solids can also be handled in the reactor with equally intense results. By adjusting the gap size to accomodate delivery, particles up to 0.25 mm in diameter can easily be processed in the reactor.

Selec%ve Lithia%on, Room Temperature—2 M Concentra%on—Reac%on Time? milliseconds

Br O



2.) H+

What is the next step to production?


2.0 Molar

+ BuLi


25 oC 200+ mL/min

The lab scale spinning disc reactor is 10 inches tall, but can easily process Kg’s of material in a standard fume hood. Next step? 4 Liters per minute or 5 tons of reaction mixture per day—safe. Thin film shear reactors offer continuous processing capable of handling gas, liquid and solids at concentration and flow rates that enable Kg scale production in your hood. Scaling these processes to manufacture is now possible using a multistage spinning disc reactor developed at Tu/e.




2.7 Kg's in 1 Hour

Tet. Lett., 2010, 51, p. 4793.

Flow Chemistry Proteaf Technologies Development


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