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accidents, infection or surgery to remove cancerous tissue and they result in the need to perform approximately 600,000 surgical bone grafting procedures annually. These procedures have inherent disadvantages and so there is an urgent clinical need to develop a tissue engineering alternative to bone grafting. In this study an osteoconductive/osteoinductive nanoscaffold will be designed to retain growth factors with proven osteogenic potential within their structure. As such, relatively low doses of these expensive molecules can be retained at the bone defect site. The technology developed in this study has enormous potential to reduce the overall burden placed on patients and on European healthcare systems by reducing the costs involved in using Growth Factors in a variety of applications. To perform this work the Fellow will move from Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland to join a leading orthopaedic research group at one of Harvard University’s teaching hospitals where he will be trained in nanotoxicity testing, detection of growth factor release, cell loading and orthopaedic preclinical models. The Fellow has extensive knowledge in the field of biomaterials and orthopaedic research having trained at the AO Research Institute, Davos, Switzerland. However this fellowship will allow him to develop his knowledge in the field of biocompatibility testing. Knowledge developed in this area will be transferred back to Europe during the return phase of the fellowship. This knowledge will allow the Fellow to further refine the research carried out at Harvard. The goal of this research is to develop translational solutions to clinical problems. Indeed, the chance to work at Harvard would be hugely beneficial in developing direct links to clinicians at one of the world’s most prestigious Universities.

NBR: 298246 ACRONYM: GREAT EC FUND: 193594

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Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF Thema: FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF GRaphene supramolEculAr elecTronics: a life-long training Career development project

GREAT aims at offering to a young scientist with an excellent scientific record, possessing a Ph.D in chemistry, a cross-disciplinary and supra-sectorial training and research experience in the emerging field at the interface between physics, materials sciences, supramolecular chemistry, electrical engineering and nanoscience with the ultimate goal of offering him an education in a new field of research and broadening his skills in science and complementary subjects. The overall mission is to train the young researcher to become an independent scientist as well as to prepare him for a leading position in academia or industry. Within GREAT the training-through-research is targeted at exploiting tailor-made graphene organic based systems to study their structure and electronic properties and ultimately to assess their potential in photovoltaic applications and more generally in (opto)electronic devices. Understanding and bottom-up tuning of graphene properties is essential for its potential optoelectronic applications since organic-derivatized graphenes show improved conductivity, charge mobility and mechanical strength. To accomplish this goal, we will combine bottom-up

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