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8 | 15 | 2016 A weekly publication of Newport News Shipbuilding

Pierside Testing on Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78)

The Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Construction Program successfully tested the Precision Aircraft Landing System (PALS) on CVN 78 on Tuesday, Aug. 9. PALS is a radar system that provides nal approach and landing guidance to aircraft to ensure successful landings on the ight deck.

“Aircraft landing precision is at the core of an aircraft carrier’s mission,” said Rolf Bartschi, vice president of the CVN 78 Construction Program. “This test program ensures that the systems are working together as they were designed to work before we take the ship to sea.”

A special instrumented F-18 Super Hornet ew within about 500 feet of Gerald R. Ford 10 times during the testing, which veri es the proper functionality, alignment and operation of the PALS equipment and its subsystems. While the PALS technology is used on Nimitz-class carriers,

Gerald R. Ford’s system is upgraded and modi ed for the new class’ island location and other design and technology changes. The dual band radar, also new to the Ford class, supported testing of the PALS.

After learning about the successful testing, CVN 78 Ship’s Sponsor Susan Ford Bales commended the shipbuilders in an email. “Hats off to the crew and especially to my fellow Newport News shipbuilders for a job very well done,” she wrote. “As I’ve observed many times, Dad’s namesake carrier is the mightiest ship ever built because of a simple fact: the Newport News shipbuilders are the greatest shipbuilders in the world – period!”

Watch a video of the PALS testing for Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) on Yardnet.

Virginia-Class Submarine Indiana Construction Advances with Pressure Hull Complete Milestone

Newport News Shipbuilding reached a major milestone in the construction of the submarine Indiana (SSN 789). The 16th Virginia-class submarine reached pressure hull complete, signifying that all of its hull sections are joined to form a single, watertight unit.

Ship’s Sponsor Diane Donald, wife of Adm. Kirk Donald (U.S. Navy, Ret.), and Ray Shearer, chairman of Indiana’s commissioning committee, visited the shipyard to see the progress being made on the submarine and meet with its crew.

“Witnessing Indiana come to life is one of the most gratifying experiences of my life,” Donald said. “The countless hours of hard work the shipbuilders have put into constructing and perfecting this boat is apparent, as Indiana has now taken on the shape of a submarine. I...


NNS Observes Ethics and Compliance Awareness Week

Newport News Shipbuilding is observing Ethics and Compliance Awareness Week, August 15 - 19. The theme for the week is “Ethics and Compliance is Everyone’s Responsibility.” The purpose of the week is to refocus employees on company values, communicate ethical standards and to keep the ethics and compliance message fresh in employee’s minds.


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