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Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2007-4-3-IRG Thema: PEOPLE-2007-4-3.IRG A contribution to the fundamental understanding of Shear-Refinement of polymer melts

by entanglement manipulation

It has been demonstrated by J-P Ibar that thermal-mechanical history of a polymer melt, in particular the use of mechanical oscillation superposed to shear flow (for instance in the gap of an extruder) appears to boost the magnitude of viscosity and elasticity reduction due to Shear-Refinement. These parameters play a crucial role during processing of plastics, determining the high temperature required to produce flow, thermal degradation, the long cycle times and thus the present productivity limitation in our industries. In the case of loaded polymers, which addresses more than 80% of the polymer resin used today, their high viscosity, aggravated by the presence of the concentrate, limits the maximum amount of dispersants allowed, such as for carbon nanotubes (CNT), as well as the quality of the mix. At the same time, several universities of world wide reputation, including the LPMI of UPPA, the university of Pau et Pays de l’Adour (now called IPREM-EPCP), the Ecole des Mines de Paris (CEMEF Sofia Antipolis) showed that viscosity and elasticity of polymer melts can be reduced by disentanglement of the macromolecules induced by strong deformation. Rheological variables such as strain amplitude, strain rate, elongational ratio, in other words melt thermal-mechanical history, as well as molecular characteristics such as chain molecular weight Mw, degree of branching, branch length, play a critical role to induce chain disentanglement, insure its stability in time, or favor re-entanglement. The objective of this project is to combine the competence of J-P Ibar and that of UPPA-IPREM-EPCP through a collaboration to understand fundamentally the mechanisms of disentanglement and re-entanglement, by Shear Induced Strain Amplified Polymer Entanglement Manipulation (SISAPEM) in order to produce stable disentangled polymers, for instance under pellet form, capable of recovering, after processing, their initial entanglement characteristics and thus their physical performance.


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Call: FP7-NMP-2007-LARGE-1 Thema: NMP-2007-1.2-1 Innovative Switchable Shading Appliances based on Nanomaterials and Hybrid

Electrochromic Device Configurations

INNOSHADE is concerned with an innovative, nanocomposite-based switchable light transmittance technology developed previously for small sized objects (eyewear). It constitutes a breakthrough in smart shading technology by overcoming common limitations of state-of-the-art electrochromic devices. INNOSHADE enables the low cost production of electrochromic shading appliances with lower energy consumption and

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