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0313298 A2

© Application number; 88309727.1 @ Date of filing: 17.10.88

© Priority: 20.10.87 US 110917

@ Date of publication of application: 26.04.89 Bulletin 89/17

© Designated Contracting States: DE FR GB

© int. a* C08B 30/14 , C08B 31/12 , A23L 1/195

© Applicant: GENERAL FOODS CORPORATION 250 North Street

White Plains, N.Y. 10625(US)

@ Inventor: Schara, Robert Ernest

1 Penbrook Court

Princeton Junction New Jersey 08550(US) Inventor: Katcher, Jay Harvey

258 Princeton Arms

Cranbury New Jersey 08512(US)

© Representative: BATCHELLOR, KIRK & EYLES 2 Pear Tree Court Farringdon Road

London EC1R ODS(GB)

© Process for preparing modified, pregelatinized dent cornstarch and product thereof.

© A high-solids, slurry of dent cornstarch is hydroxypropylated, washed, neutralized and spray- dried to produce an essentially flavor-free, pregelatinized modified cornstarch which has a vis- cosity building capacity equivalent to pregelatinized tapioca starch.






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