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PowerPlant Chemistry

Issue 1999, 1(1)


Michael Rziha Rainer Wulff

Digby D. Macdonald louri Balachov George Engelhardt

Gernot Repphun Andreas Hiltpold Irene Mailand Bernhard Stellwag

James C. Bellows Joachim Fahlke

Daniel E. Meils

Author(s) Jan Stodola

Karol Daucik

T amara I. Petrova

Heinrich Maurer

Rene van der Wagt Frank de Vos Sergey Babichenko Larisa Poryvkina

Eric V. Maughan Malcolm Ball

Author(s) Wilfried ROhie

Matthias Meierer

Heinz Gutberlet

Peter Odermatt

Albert Bursik

J0rgen Peter Jensen


Cycle Chemistry in Combined Cycle Units -

The Siemens Experience

Deterministic Prediction of Localized Corrosion Damage in Power Plant Coolant Circuits

Influence of Metal Addition to BWR Water on Contamination and Corrosion of Stainless Steel

Chemical Processes in Steam Turbines

RO Applications and Wastewater Reuse - Two Important Fossil Power Plant Contributions

to Conservation of Water Resources

Performance Assessment of Chemistry On-line Process Instrumentation


Review of Conditions for Reliable Boiler Operation

Water/Steam Cycle Chemistry of Ultra Supercritical Units

Effect of Demineralized Water Purity on Corrosion of Carbon Steel

On-line pH Monitoring by Measuring Differential Cation and Specific Conductivity

On-line Analysis of Water Contamination by Organic Compounds

Why On-line Analytical Programmes Fail

Power Plant Chemistry - a Decade of Changes in Britain


Water Chemistry in BWR and PWR Nuclear Power Plants

Operation and Optimization of Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems in Coal-fired Power Plants

Operating Experience and Process Optimization of High-dust SCR-Systems at 2000 MW Staudinger Power Station of PreussenElektra AG

Catalysts for the Removal of NOx and Dioxins in Various Applications

Comments on Carbon Dioxide Behavior in Power Plant Cycles

Key Words

Combined Cycles, HRSG, Cycle Chemistry

BWR, IGSCC, Crack Growth Rate, Modeling

BWR, Co-58 Activity, Metal Ions Addition

Steam Chemistry, Thermodynamics

Reverse Osmosis, Wastewater Reuse

On-Line Monitoring


Boiler Water Treatment

Ultra Supercritical Units, Materials, Condensate Polishing,

Carbon Steel Corrosion

On-Line Monitoring, pH, Conductivity

On-Line Monitoring, Organics, COD, Spectral Fluorescence

On-Line Monitoring Cycle Chemistry Review

Key Words

BWR and PWR Chemistry Review

Flue Gas Desulfurization

DeNOx, Ammonia, Fly Ash, Arsenic

DeNOx Catalyst, Dioxins Removal

Carbon Dioxide Distribution, First Condensate, Deaeration

Issue 1999, 1(2)

Issue 1999, 1(3)

PowerPlant Chemistry 2000,2(12)


PowerPlant Chemistry Contents 1999-2000 (Volume 1 and 2)

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