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Structural elements

“The barrel vault roof problem,” Section 2.3.1

“The pinched cylinder problem,” Section 2.3.2

“The pinched sphere problem,” Section 2.3.3

“Skew sensitivity of shell elements,” Section 2.3.4

“Performance of continuum and shell elements for linear analysis of bending problems,” Section 2.3.5

“Tip in-plane shear load on a cantilevered hook,” Section 2.3.6 “Analysis of a twisted beam,” Section 2.3.7

“Twisted ribbon test for shells,” Section 2.3.8

“Ribbon test for shells with applied moments,” Section 2.3.9 “Triangular plate-bending on three point supports,” Section 2.3.10 “Shell elements subjected to uniform thermal loading,” Section 2.3.11 “Shell bending under a tip load,” Section 2.3.12

“Variable thickness shells and membranes,” Section 2.3.13 “Transient response of a shallow spherical cap,” Section 2.3.14 “Simulation of propeller rotation,” Section 2.3.15



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