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(19)United States

(12)PatentApplicationPublication (10)Pub.No.:US2012/0196336A1

McCutchen etal.


(43)Pub.Date: Aug. 2,2012


(51) IntCL

C12P 7/64 (2006.01)

F15D1/00 (2006-01)

(52) US.Cl...435/134;137/803


An improvementisdescribedfortheprocessingofbiological

material in a continuous stream by the application of radiant


let, and its absorption by a feedstock in a Workspace of fea

turing controlled turbulence created by one or more counter

rotating disk impellers. The absorbed energy and the

controlled turbulence patterns create a continuous process of

productive change in a feed into the reactor, With separated lightandheavyproductoutputstreams?owingbothinWard

and outWard from the axis in radial counter?oW. The basic mechanism of processing can be applied to a Wide range of feedstocks,fromthepromotionofthegroWthofalgaeto

(75) Inventors:

_ (73) Asslgnee?

(21) Appl'NO‘:

DavidJ.McCutchen,Portland,OR (Us);WilmotH_Mccutchens

Orinda,CA (US)




(22) Flled' Jan‘27’2012

Related US, Application Data __ _ _

(60) PFOVlSlOIlalaPPllCaUOI1N0~61/437,277,?led011Jan- makebiofuelorotherformsofaquaculture,toauseinthe 28, 2011. controlled combustion of organic material to make biochar.




US 20120196336A1

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