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Right-click on • Output Window and select Clear

Use the clc function in the Command Window

Appendix B

l labVIEW MathScript

Be E* Ve* Hep

Output WWw

Connected t o MathScript >>t-C0:D.l:10);


>>y»sin(t) >>plot(x.s>)

MathScript Basics

vaUHet '• Script | H«"V Command Htfor/

t-fftttlllOJJ srttt)

*(t); y*ft>; %

•&- Tie, Jan24,2006 <:28fW~%




! nW(,,,)




Clearing the Command History and the Output Window.

I lebVIEW MathScript

fit tit Vfc« Hi,

Otfput Window

Connected t o MathScript »t-t0:0.1'10):

Command Vrtridbw -do

. .


Copy Data dear


Right-click on Command History and select

Clear History

FIGURE B.4 Showing the data type in various formats.

10 20 30 «

60 70 80 90 100

Define time interval and compute y = sin(t)

Select y

In pull-down menu choose variable type

Graphof the data in variable y


n&opNtalfm? Dt«0snd7 0,5- .

0.2S- / 0- •

•C.2S- -05- •0.7S- •1-

\ /

include: numeric, string, graph, XY graph, sound, surface, and picture. You can edit a variable in the Preview Pane when the display type is Numeric or String. Selecting Sound plays the data as a sound, but works for one-dimensional variables only. The remaining display types show the data as graphs of one sort or another: Graph dis- plays the data on a waveform graph, XY Graph displays the data on an XY graph, Surface displays the data on a 3D surface graph, and Picture displays the data on an

intensity graph.

Image | Modern Control Systems Labview

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