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c StirringMotorsandDrives

rature Limits Design Codes plit-Ring Closures • Gaskets &

ch Top Micro Reactors • Bench



igh Pressure/High Temperature

and Building

and Building

s • Heater Options • Stirrer


Quality • ressure Gages

Pressure Relief ng Systems High Pressure

• Stirred Reactors LiAnpeprasratuPs ressureHoseand



Temperature Limits & Extreme

and Pressure Vessels atory Reaction Systems • PID

for Over

for Over

95 Years

• 90 Years • Tachometer Pressure


d Valve • ASME, TÜV, • Gage

e Connectors, Plugs, Valves • • Pressure and Temperature

CE • Magnetic Drives • Split-

tor Fittings • Options • Bench

9 ••

s • Floor Stand Reactors • High

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