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READ BEFORE YOU LEAVE Emperor Maldives - Resorts
Contacting Emperor Maldives in resort: Country Code is 00960 + local number dropping the 1st 0.
Emperor Divers Laamu: 00960 745 3301 Reveries Airport Representative: 00960 799 0107 Emperor Divers @ You & Me: 00960 301 6888 (Ext 2311) You & Me Airport Representative: 00960 7776307
Emperor Maldives Manager: 00960 799 6657
In the event of an emergency, family and friends can contact our staff can be contacted on any of the Emperor numbers listed above.
Passports & Visas: All guests must have a passport valid for at least six more months after arrival. 30-day tourist visas are issued on arrival at the immigration desk at Maldives International airport for all nationalities and are free of charge. All visitors must be in possession of a return/onward flight ticket.
Insurance: We recommend purchasing cancellation insurance, in the event of unexpected changes in your travel plans. Baggage/Dive Equipment Insurance is also recommended. We do require every diver to have valid accident and medical insurance. Should Diving Insurance not be obtained prior to your visit, this can be arranged in resort with INDEPTHS Insurance at; 1 day = €5, 7 days = €20 and 14 days = €28. US and Canadian guests are required to sign a waiver which will be supplied at the time of booking or before departure. Please contact for a copy. Information about Male (Velana International) Airport: If you have to wait for a transfer on arrival or for a connecting domestic flight, the airport is reasonably comfortable and has a shop for local SIM cards, a post office, money changer, and a few decent coffee shops / restaurants Inc. Thai Express, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut and a New Noodle.
Domestic Flights: Check in will commence 2 hrs prior to departure and will close 1 hr prior departure. Each diver has 25kgs free baggage allowance (standard 20kgs). Size of hand luggage is much smaller than most other airlines, i.e. size of a standard ruck sack.
Names detailed on your flight e-ticket must match your passport.
Transfers to and from your resort: These are arranged by your hotel or resort.
On arrival at the airport: After collecting your baggage and clearing customs a driver will be waiting for you outside the arrival hall and will be visible to
you by carrying a sign with your name or resort/hotel name on. Contact telephone number is detailed at the top of this document.
Departing for the airport: The pickup time for your departure flight will be confirmed 24 hours prior to departure. Please contact the hotel reception or ask at the dive centre who will be happy to advise you of the details.
Diving in Maldives: The maximum depth for diving in the Maldives is 30 metres with an equally qualified buddy. Your maximum diving depth will be dependent on your level of training and experience. It is your responsibility to check what depths your insurance policy covers you for before your arrival. Unpredictable and strong currents are to be expected anytime, but especially in periods of new and full moons.
We recommend that you are certified to 30 metres and are comfortable with drift dives.
Decompression diving, solo diving and technical diving is strictly prohibited.
Diving for Qualified Divers: As qualified divers you are expected to be able to dive to a standard as per the certification and experience requirements outlined. You are responsible for your own and your buddy’s safety during the dive and to plan your dive and dive your plan by using a personal dive computer. You must begin, execute and end the dive with your dive buddy. Should you be a single diver a buddy will be allocated in resort. Experienced Divers can dive in a buddy pair unguided. Inexperienced and beginner divers may find some dives challenging, a Private Guide can be arranged to help build up your diving confidence and experience.
Check in at the diving centre: Please check in at the diving centre the afternoon before your first day’s diving, best time would be around 5pm. Essential paperwork; remember to bring to the diving centre on your first day:
- Logbook with your most recent dives in
- Valid diving association certification proof
- A copy of valid diving insurance details per person (translated in English by your insurance company if not already) stating the start and ending
date of the diving cover with the exact diving insurance covered by the policy. Without this document, you will be required to purchase diving insurance locally before you may begin diving.
- Booking voucher and holiday details (from your travel agency if not booked direct with Emperor Maldives).
Scuba Review & Check Dive: Many agencies recommend a Scuba Review if it has been longer than six months since your last dive. Emperor Maldives advises divers to follow the agency recommendation for safety reasons. The Scuba Review should be booked in advance and takes place on your first day or alternatively, should be completed prior to your arrival in resort and signed by an instructor in your diving logbook.
Every diver, regardless of their qualification or experience will be scheduled to dive their first dive at local/sheltered dive site. This dive allows you to orientate yourself in your diving environment and acquaint yourself with your equipment. In the interests of safety, Emperor Maldives reserves the right to insist on a Scuba Review or to restrict diving activities if the instructor has any concerns regarding diver safety.
The Dive Guides: For all diving sites visited our dive guides will give you a detailed and comprehensive dive briefing before you enter the water. When the guide is in the water they will remain with the group to navigate the site and to look out for any interesting marine life to show you. The dive guide will not provide any dive training during the dive and you and buddy dive together at your own risk. The guides may decide upon seeing each diver's ability not to enter the water for every dive and will remain onboard providing surface support only.
Courses: We offer a range of courses in resort, from beginner to a wide range of speciality and advanced training courses. Courses are subject to availability. Prices can be found here: Emperor Divers Laamu Price List or Emperor Divers @ You & Me Pricelist and include course materials, where required and certification fee. If arranged locally a 12% sales tax and service charge is included.
For the Open Water Referral Course, you will need to bring with you your referral form (signed and completed by your instructor dated within 12 months) as evidence that you have completed the theory and confined dives. Course paperwork needs to be signed by a parent or guardian for students under the age of 18.
If you are taking part in any course, you are required to a sign a PADI medical form prior to starting the course. If you have, or think you have, any of the medical conditions listed you will need signed clearance from a doctor valid within 12 months of starting your course. Where doctor’s clearance is needed, we ask you to arrange this before arrival where possible and to bring it with you to avoid any delays, additional costs or cancellation.
Snorkelling/Non-divers: Both snorkelers and non-divers joining a daily boat trip will be required to complete a liability form at the time of check in. Snorkelling can be taken from the dhoni when an Instructor/Guide is onboard to observe or unless the snorkeler is accompanied in the water by a certified diver. We ask all snorkelers to wear a floatation aid at all times. Whilst every effort will be made for non-diving guests wishing to snorkel or guests wanting to try scuba diving, some itineraries or dive locations may not be permitted for safety reasons.
The Captain: An important man! He will decide, along with the dive guides, where you go and when. Often dive sites can look like a millpond on the surface and to the uninitiated seems perfectly acceptable to dive. However, if the captain and guides say no, please accept their decision. Safety is the foremost concern of our knowledgeable captain and dive guides. The sea is a dangerous place when not respected, so please accept the alternative plan as best you can.
Dive Sites: All dive sites are subject to various unpredictable changes including weather conditions and changes in Maldivian Government approval. Whilst Emperor Maldives make every effort we cannot guarantee diving at specific sites. In adverse weather conditions the guides and captain of the boat will have the final decision about which dive sites to visit to ensure that the guests, staff and boats safety is not compromised in any way. If in the unfortunate event that dives are missed or dive sites are not reached due to weather conditions or other unforeseeable changes, Emperor Maldives will not offer a refund or compensation.



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